Invisible Arts is a collective of Artists providing VFX for film and TV

Linked to many other art and design based services including Circus and live events

We are all independent artists and post production professionals who can provide a wide range of skills to tackle all types of effects work from technical fixes, wire removals etc. right up to high end film work including environmental matte painting work and 3D animation

We provide help right from the start of a project, discussing requirements and identifying best methods to reach your goals within time and budget constraints.

Invisible Arts Collective LLP

   John Hardwick   Visual Effects      

Rosemary Hardwick   Graphic Designer

plus a collective of talented fellow artists

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Latest Showreel

A mix of Film and TV work, from complex multi layer composites to good old fashioned story telling low budget work, we do it all working with specialist artists when required

Technical Fixes & enhancements

Film scratches, camera problems,  wire and rig removals, colour issues or perhaps something like not enough spots on the frog?.

Whatever the problem, we can help to resolve it  

The images below are taken from shots which we or I worked on whenever possible.

movies and fuller explanations will be added for several projects when time permits

As a collective of artists, we work together and collaborate on projects when appropriate, much of the work below involves the work of 2D and 3D Artists, VFX supervisors, Producers, Production designers, Editors, and coordinators who are listed on the links page along with many other artists from Photographers to Circus Performers

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Original Showreel

From 2004 this is so out of date

most of the work was done using Cineon with some Shake work

All film work on this reel as

TV work began in around 2008

Ella Enchanted

Giants wedding sequence

breakdown type reel with wipes.

Sequence compositing supervisor for Shake team at The Senate

M o v i e

M o v i e

Click on the image

Click on the image

Available Soon

Available Soon


Mr Selfridge

Set extensions and crowd replication for street scene shots which help to tell the story of Harry Selfridge

Working closely once again with Justin at Painting Practice who planned and pre-visualised shots

prior to shooting

IAC  /  Painting practice

Merlin   Season 5    

Snow scenes, eye glows, split screens, set extensions and whatever else was needed in

this final season of Merlin

Vine Productions

The Palace

Worked along side Matte

painter and supervisor

Serdar Simga of Virtual Mattes

to produce set extensions etc.

on this series

IAC  /  Bluff Hampton


Provided a selection of matte

painting and compositing work   

on this great independent film

IAC  /  Nvizible

Merlin   Season 4     

Lots of  matte painted set extensions, split screens and general good old fashioned story telling compositing

Vine Productions

BBC Life

Technical fixes, and in the frog sequence, painted spotty markings to improve continuity for the film version of a well loved David Attenborough series


IAC  /  BBC Wordwide

Harry Potter

and the deathly hallows part 2

Base Black



IAC  /  Bluff Hampton


Medieval gore fest


Black Mirror   Season 2

Final shot

IAC  /  Painting practice

Unknown white male   


First Light  

All VFX in this one off TV programme to commemorate the Battle of Britain


Dead Gorgeous

All VFX in 13 part children’s TV series

Working remotely with supervisor and production based in Melbourne

    IAC  /   BBC / ABC


Around 70 shots on this surreal

version of Nutcracker

IAC  / Bluff Hampton

The Devils Whore     

IAC  /  Bluff Hampton

Generation kill  

In house compositor working

closely with Production and

VFX supervisor Adam McInnes

completed 130 shots     


Fight for life

Award winning series about life threatening medical conditions  looking at what is happening

and treatments possible

Jellyfish Pictures

St Trinnians

Men from Mars

Hot Fuzz

It’s not always quiet in a small country town


Goal 2

Framestore CFC


Head replacements on a grand scale

I was supervising compositor on this with much help from the incredible roto/prep team

Moving Picture Company

Sixty six

Fixes to original footage of world cup game plus compositing shots on this lovely film about a jewish boy who’s big day clashes with the 1966 world cup

Moving Picture Company


A grim little tale is told in this short film which can now be found on youtube

Tangerine / Electric Pig

Seven Swords

An epic and visually stunning, Gory and action packed Chinese film



I was compositing supervisor on this story of a pride of lions resolving cleanup, animation, tracking and compositing issues to find a robust pipeline


My House in Umbria


Ghost Ship

Crew and guests are sliced and diced in various ways  leaving the ship to drift around for 40 years until it is found and a salvage operation begins.

They should have left the thing alone.


Prometheus Ted talk

Viral related to the feature film

Absolute Post

Midsummer Nights Dream

My first visual effects supervisor role was leading a team of 3D artists and compositors

to complete a large number of  demanding shots on this unusual  stage like film


Cosmic Voyage

An interesting look at the scale of stuff, from the tiniest particles   to the immense reaches of the known universe


Resident Evil

A grim and grizzly tale

Framestore / CFC


Double Negative

Lawnmowerman 2

This sequel to the original Lawnmowerman film is set in cyberspace with laughable plot and characters the visual effects were ambitious at the time but the final result is total bollocks



Bond,  James Bond


Mortinho por Chegar a Casa

Dying to go home

A foreign language ghost story


The Muppets Treasure Island



Henson’s puppet version of this well known story with many digital enhancements and composites to help to bring him to life


Preaching to the Perverted

A cult classic for those into

the fetish scene (apparently)



Multiple Award winning Norwegian / Danish film

with beautiful cinematography by Jan Weincke  

Nordisk Film    Denmark

Notting Hill

Needs no introduction

I was on set supervisor for this shot which you barely notice as you watch the film

Framestore CFC

The Avengers

Based on the 60’s TV series

Framestore CFC

The rat that wrote

short film by Billy O’Brien

find it easily on Youtube


Gangster No. 1

Chronicles the rise and fall of a prominent, and particularly ruthless English gangster


Bridget Jones’s Diary

Double Negative

Enemy at the Gates

A very gritty and depressing telling of the battle of Stalingrad and the cat and mouse game played out between a German and a Russian sniper

Double Negative

The Tailor of Panama

Double Negative

I Dreamed of Africa


Still Crazy

The incredibly popular band ‘Strange Fruit’ quit after the on stage death of their lead singer Brian,

Many years later they are enticed into re-forming  the band and this is the story of their tour and the band members

A great cast and a very enjoyable but little known film


Odeon Cinema Ident


Enemy of the State

A lively and stylish film directed by Tony Scott

RIP Tony


Epsom school of Art and Design

BTEC   computer Animation

Lincoln College of Art and Design

Higher Diploma   Graphic Design and Visual Communication specialising in Technical Illustration

Illustration Gouache on board

John Carter of Mars

Short cave fight sequence

Vine Productions / Cinesite


Set extensions, fixes, rod

removals and blue screen work   

IAC  /  Molinare

Cuban Fury

Split screens , re timing  and various other fixes including several snow removal shots

Proof London

Sherlock  Season 3  

Set in  winter at Christmas time but shot in August

Matte painting and grade work to create wintery look

IAC  /  Hartswood Films Ltd

Edge of tomorrow

A heat haze was added to a series of shots   

Rocklock films

Midnight Sun

Technical fixes , Logo removals  and bear enhancements in this film featuring a Polar bear


U.K. gay activists work to help miners during their lengthy strike of the National Union of Mineworkers in the summer of 1984


Mapp and Lucia

The social rivalry between two women in the 1930s when Lucia rents Mapp's house for the summer.

Set fixes and enhancements


Ripper street

Various enhancements

Deluxe 142

The Kings speech

Period fixes, matte painting

extensions and other subtle

work on this award winning



DCI Banks

Headless corpse scene 

shoot supervision and VFX  

IAC  /  Fearless

DaVinci’s Demons

Tortured by the gift of superhuman genius Leonardo DaVinci is a heretic intent on exposing the lies of religion and subverting an elitist society.

Original drawings and ideas are brought to life as he fights for truth ...........and his sanity

Tonto Films and Television Ltd

Les Miserables

Period fixes and set dressing

with help from Pixie Post


Black Mirror   Season 1

Worked closely with Justin at Painting Practice to ensure that the concepts were carried right through to the final shots on all 3 shows of the series

with help from Mike Connolly and Ed Plant

IAC  /  Painting practice

St George’s day   

Independent Film

Day for night shot, blood splats and bullet hits and storm sequence

with help from Mike Connolly

IAC  /  Molinare

The Rise   

Independent Film

Fire Smoke and rain work 

IAC  /  We are Capture

Everybody’s fine

Multi layer comps, fixes and set dressing


Tamara Drewe  

IAC  /  Bluff Hampton

Flying Monsters

Investigation of flying dinosaurs

brought to life using 3D

animation techniques



Worked directly with the editor and director

to produce shots for 3 episodes of this six part series on a very tight time constraint.

Well over 100 shots plus all screen content for monitor inserts produced within six weeks


Nanny McPhee

and the big bang  

Working directly with VFX

supervisor Adam McInnes

as part of the in house

VFX team

Working Title films 


Prince Caspian

Moving Picture Company

Wild at heart 

Storm sequence

Wind, lightning, rain and fire added    

IAC  /  Bluff Hampton

Wild at heart 

Fire sequence

Fire and smoke tracked into

shots to really add to the peril

and tell the story   

IAC  /  Bluff Hampton


Shoot supervision and VFX.

Additional Camera work by

Mike Connolly of Electric Pig   

IAC  /  Bluff Hampton

Mutant chronicles

A dark “steampunk” post apocalyptic tale.

Men from Mars


The sun is going out !

better re-light it but don’t get distracted by anything or it will end badly

Moving Picture Company



The DaVinci code

Various enhancements

In house


Moving Picture Company


A grisly film with incredible prosthetic and practical effects as well as some great digital work where prosthetics are impossible

Electric Pig

Harry Potter

And the Goblet of fire

Framestore CFC

Inspector Gadget

Sorry to break it to you but most of these gadgets were computer generated and cleverly composited into scenes to fool you into believing it’s all real

Digital image

5 children and It

Compositing and enhancement of this creature shop animated tale


Ella Enchanted

Sequence supervisor on Giants wedding scene plus many other shots


Harry Potter

Chamber of Secrets

Mill Film

Dark Shadows

Worked on the house of

blood and fire sequence

Moving Picture Company


A grieving doctor is being contacted by his late wife through his patients near death experiences

Double Negative

Nutty Professor 2

The Clumps

Double Negative

Randall and Hopkirk

Reeves and Mortimer re visit this iconic 60’s TV series

Double Negative

Captain Corelli’s


Double Negative

It Can Be Done

Tells the story of a fateful day in the life of Dr Wilhelm Reich, maverick psycho-analyst, bio-physicist and sexual revolutionary. Amidst a climate of McCarthyite paranoia and 50’s



James Joyce chats up Nora Barnacle and a love story with a difference unfolds


In Dreams

Framestore CFC

Starship Troopers

Mass Illusion   USA

Smilla Sense of snow


The Grotesque

AKA Gentlemen Don’t Eat Poets

Yes that’s Sting, and Alan Bates in the bath in this twisted tale of seduction and intrigue


The Woodlanders



Real life footage integrated with well loved animated characters


Shanghai Triad

A beautiful foreign language film with stunning imagery


Mission impossible

The first in this series of films



Animated film by Daniel Greaves


Dark City

Dfilm  Australia


Animated beaks and facial expression work help tell this nice little story of a parrot who can actually talk, not just repeat words, of course greedy folks cause the usual mayhem.

Framestore CFC

Hilary and Jackie

The tragic story of world renowned classic cellist Jacqueline du Pré, as told from the point of view of her sister, flautist Hilary du Pré-Finzi


Babe 2  

The pig in the city



Oscar winning Visual Effects in this gladiatorial epic directed by Ridley Scott


Ford Vertrek

Various promotional pieces

for Ford 4wd cars


Bournemouth University

MA   computer Visualisation and Animation

Graphic designer



Working for various printing companies in Boston Lincolnshire and then at various Design agencies after moving to Kingston in 1985

Illustration Watercolour on board

Born and brought up in

Boston  Lincolnshire

Attended Park board infants and junior schools

then Kitwood boys’ Secondary modern

Last days on Mars

Various set fixes and


Mars movie Ltd

The Worlds End

Various multi wipes, fixes, split screens, and other composites.

over 140 shots in 3 weeks

Proof London

Atlantis   Season 1

Set extensions, split screens, blue screens, computer generated sets and creatures all came together in this ambitious series

Vine FX

Second Coming

Follows a close family over a year as they navigate their way through family life in the aftermath of an unexplained pregnancy.

IAC / Hillbilly films


Heavyweight drivel driven violence and tales of despair.

Prime focus

Man Up

A single woman who's mistaken for a stranger's blind date, leads to her finding the perfect boyfriend

Over 80 shots completed, Comps and fixes

IAC / Cheap shot


Loosely inspired by events in the 18th century when Britain established a penal colony on the other side of the world.


Kill your Friends

well over 200 shots completed on this independent film due for release summer 2015.

IAC / Painting practice

My Life So Far


M o v i e

Click on the image

youtube in 3 parts

at end of each part go to top left frame for next

Click on the image

full film on youtube

M o v i e

Click on the image

for youtube exerpt

Horrible but very stylish and effective sequence.

Not for kids

Temp image

M o v i e

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for youtube exerpt

M o v i e